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Nice trip today with our new neighbors Kerry and Sam, we visited the magnificent Il Pollenza winery near Tolentino. The whole place is absolutely stunning, the buildings, the grounds and the interiors. We were treated to an ad hoc tour of the main house by a very kind tour guide even though we hadn’t pre booked.


The estate which rises with lovely views of  the Marches was purchased from the Antici Mattei princes more than twenty years ago by the owner Count Brachetti-Peretti.

It included a beautiful sixteenth century  building designed by Sangallo and 200 Hectares of land of which 60 are dedicated to vinyards.

The ultra modern cellar is equipped with the very latest technology to produce a limited quantity of quality wines, the vats all bearing the family names are made in vitrified cement and stainless steel as requested by the great world famous winemaker  Dr. Giacomo Tachis who first sensed the great potential of  “il Pollenza”.

Lying  seven metres below ground the Barriccaia  (barrel store) is perfectly situated for the ideal standard of preservation and wine aging. It can house up to two thousand barrels which could be either French or Slavonian Oak.

Moving upstairs we were greeted by the wine tasting room, a name which does not do justice to the beautiful surroundings we had entered, from fine marble floors, elaborate furnishings  to works of art, a stunning sight by anybodies standards.

We completed the trip by visiting the attached shop where not only bottles of the IL Pollenza can be purchased but customers can have their own containers filled at extremely competitive  prices.

A most enjoyable and interesting visit, thanks to their kindness and hospitality.

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