On Another Planet

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I despair at this world and the people who are “running” it.

Today i see people are proposing  that it would be better to spend £50 billion on sending people to Mars rather than spending it on a high speed rail link.

Can someone please tell me how that will benefit anybody except the crackpot scientists who wish to enhance their owns ego’s regardless of the millions of people on this planet who are living in poverty and starving to death.

Are they from  the same group who has spent years proving how the Mammoth became extinct, that helps the starving doesn’t it ?  I they hadn’t become extinct i suppose at least the  starving could have eaten them.

Who on earth is paying these “researchers” , like the ones who have been following snails around to see how far they travel at night and check at what speed they travel.

Well done to the Indian scientists who spent £800 million sending a rocket into space just to prove they could, why didn’t they just ask the Russians if it was possible…they did it over 50 years ago. They could have  taken a few thousand out of poverty with that.

Where is the logic ?  like spending a million pounds to recover a German bomber from the north sea and a future fortune to restore it in case we don’t remember what one looked like. Must remember to send them an old “Battle of Britain” film of the bombing of  London in the 1940’s.

I saw a comment by a passer by who was asked about the prospects of military action in Syria, she said how is it that we have no money to spend on hospitals, schools and healthcare for the elderly yet we can find money for another war !!!

IS IT ME  who has got it all wrong ?????

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