Bikers = Earthquake ?

Bikers = Earthquake ?

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What a surprise  we had last night !  we went to the Festa in Maesta (near Urbisaglia) expecting the usual fairly sedate musical entertainment, food and drinks and the local older generations tripping the light fantastic on the dancefloor.

What we were confronted with was row upon row of  Harley Davidsons, Ducati’s and Goldwings Etc. Etc.  We must have got the date wrong because the “Bikers” were in town, hundreds and hundreds of them. All having a great time catching up on each others exploits, listening to the rock band and scoffing the foods of the night, which was mostly Maiale as the gathering appeared to be dedicated to Piglets, hence lots of people wearing pink piglet hats.

I wouldn’t like to estimate how many bikes were there but it was certainly in the hundreds, and a great night was had by all and not a punch up or a drunk in sight……one has to wonder how many other countries could make a similar claim.

Now for the strange part ! the very same night that all these roaring, rumbling bikes got back on the road an earthquake happens right on our doorstep in Le Marche  !

Makes you wonder doesn’t it ????GetAttachment[1] (2)

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  1. Sounds like a great night!Lucky you

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